Saturday 9 January 2016


Taragtal (Chaukhoutia.)
 It was Sunday, as usual I was searching a new destination for visit :) I was unable to search my destination because I had visited most of places here, so, I called to my friend and asked to help for guide me. He suggested Taragtal. It was new place for me too because I heard about it many times but didn’t visit there yet.
Bogalipokhar village
I called quickly to my friends and asked to join me, they got ready, even though I was also going there first time therefore I inquired about it from my friend, Now I have know, the way that how to get there :) my one friend has a car and he was ready to drive and we were going there by own car.
Ramganga river

It was the rainy season and green everywhere. I love nature and when we were passing through green fields I felt that this time was preciously beautiful. The fields were filled with grown rice crops that we could see all around as we were passing through J what a moment!! I couldn’t take my eyes away from this greenery :) we reached Taragtal after driving three hour via Daulaghat, Bagwali pokhar, Dwarahaat and Chaukhoutia.

on the way to taragtal

When we reached Taragtal, we saw the lake was full of rain water and beautiful.Taragtaal is dependent on rain because it was a rain water lake, about 2 km long, Tadagtal is a seasonal lake; a lake during rains but otherwise green fields. Rest of the year the fields are used for harvesting rice crop. I asked to local villagers about the lake, they were disappointed by the State government as the lake was not made popular as much as others, due to negligence by state government.
rice fileds
It has not provided facility for tourist and access roads are closed during rainy season.When we visited there that time road was not closed but we didn’t meet any visitors there except some local villagers and cattleman :) overall Taragtal was very nice place, should be visited there after rainy season :)
ancient temple
The entire trip was around 180 Km to fro totally.