Saturday 16 January 2016


In the month of February 2012, I started trekking and I used to trek with Bharat Da (Bharat Sah). It was Sunday morning; I called Bharat da and insisted him on trekking, he took few minute and got ready for trekking. I was very happy that time; I called to my friend Kamal (kamlesh sanwal) to join me for trekking. He got ready quickly and we went towards Bharat da’s home because we didn’t decide yet where we were going to trek, one man knew about it, he was Bharat da :) We reached at Bharat da’s home asap, he was ready to trek then he told us we were about to trek towards Kapileshwar.



I didn’t know about Kapileswar’s exact location however kamal has some relative there, they were living at kapileshwar. Now we started trekking from Bharat da’s home, first time I saw Laat village hence this village is situated near city but I didn’t get any opportunity to visit there ago.

Now we were descending down towards Suyal river, it was going good until we started to climbing up towards Chaumu village :) :) after climbing up chaumu village, we inquired about the way because we were all visiting that village first time, villagers told us the way to kalsima village, we were on the straightway which was going Kapilaswar,


we were trekking continuously towards our destination, when we were trekking, we met lot of local people and the view was heart warmingly beautiful.We were trekking along the local river where several types of small and tall trees were planted.



In evening time we reached  Kapileshwar where Kamal’s relatives were waiting for us with lunch, kamal’s cousin sister has prepared green leaves of spinach which was just fresh plucked off from their small farm and chapatti for lunch, it was yummy :) :)



A Lord Shiva temple is situated here and it is a very old temple . We went inside the temple but soon it was time for the sun to set so we started back to our homes. We reached home by night. The entire trek was about 26 Km to fro totally.




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