Monday 28 March 2016


I love to travel since childhood specially in hill area, even I used to dream of traveling towards Himalayas. As years had accumulated I had been influenced by many travelers and reading, searching many books that was related through it and felt someday I’ll travel too.

I have started traveling from early age however I didn’t think ever that one day it’ll be shared my travel experience within all of you.

  Traveling is something else for me it’s like meditation. Just imagine if we can live our whole life as alive each and every moment.   


                                                                KATHMANDU CITY                                      

Couple of year ago my friend suggested and motivated me for writing a blog and taught me some basics knowledge of Blog and helped me for making a blog.

It was month of October 2013, it has been starting holiday for Dashhera festival and I was searching a place where we could travel easily with friends for some days.

It was evening time my cell phone rang while I received call it was from a friend who lived in Kathmandu Nepal and he was inviting me to visit Kathmandu and I have figure out about Kathmandu however I had visited Kathmandu in 2003 but now It has developed a wish inside me to visit there again after receiving call.

Next day I told to my friends and they accepted my proposal happily, now we have fixed our destination and it was Kathmandu, Nepal.


                                                             BHAKTAPUR DURBAR SQUARE

It is not enough to fix travel destination, it needs to know basics of traveling and it has to face many obstacles to fulfill our dream and same situation occurred with us.

We decided to visit Kathmandu by Air so, I had to book air tickets and boarding was from New Delhi.

At the last time we were three friends who were about to travel to Kathmandu; I have booked air tickets soon.
We left to New Delhi one day ago from our departure date because our boarding time was 11 Am and we had to check in by 8 Am. We stayed one night at a guest house in Delhi that was near to Airport.

Next day we reached inside the T3 terminal by 8Am after completing formalities we had been inside the flight. 


We had been landed in TIA (Tribhuwan international Airport) Kathmandu around 1Pm where my friend were waiting for us outside the Airport, he took us a hotel room in Thamel for freshened up after that we all went to visit Kathmandu city, in the evening we went to Sanga where a lord shiva’s tallest Statue is situated, its declared that is world’s tallestlord Shiva Statue and it is around 20km far from Kathmandu city.

                                                     Kailashnath Mahadev Statue, Sanga

In the evening time visited Budhanilkantha temple. The Budhanilkantha statue of the Hindu god Vishnu, located approximately 10 kilometers from the center of Kathmandu at the base of the Shivapuri Hill, is the largest and most beautiful stone carving in all of Nepal.

We tested Tumba (Tongba) drink After returning from Budhanilkantha, it is the vessel which holds the fermented alcoholic beverage known as Jaand. It is prepared by cooking and fermenting whole grain millet.

                                                          BUDHANILKANTHA TEMPLE

Next morning we got up early morning because that was special morning for us because we were about to visit Pashuapatinath Temple.



A temple which is dedicated to Lord shiva (Pasupathnath) which is belongs to folklore from ancient world.
There is a big statue of a bull (Nandi Bail) in front of main entrance door of the temple;
the bull was standing there, as if it was there to welcome us.

The temple is situated on the bank of Bagmati River. 

There are four doors in main temple and opens in four all directions like one door opens in East direction, second opens in west direction, third opens in north direction and fourth opens in south direction. The western entrance is the main entrance to the temple courtyard and rest three entrances are only opened during big festival.


                                                                              Pashupatinath temple

There is a Shiva Linga inside the main temple that attracts for lots of devotees to see and ever year there are lots of devotees come to visit Pasupathnath temple.

We were very happy after Darshan (visiting) inside temple.


It is connected all over the world by air, it has only one TIA (Trivuwan International Airport) in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is connected by road from India. It takes 1:25 hours by Air from New Dehli.


There are lots of budget hotels and guest houses.


Throughout the year however most of devotes preferred to visit in month of Febuary-March because MAHASHIVRATRI festival is celebrating every year during February-March month and that festival celebrating for lord shiva.      

I would like to thank my friend Santosh Subedee who took us many parts of Kathmandu valley.