Wednesday 10 February 2016

Garhwal Trip Part-2 (KEDARNATH-TRIP)


It was the month of October 2012, I was searching new destination for tracking & traveling because
it was holiday time here, it was about to start Dashhara festival after few days. Often I prefer to trek
so, I was figuring out many destinations and suddenly an idea had come that was Kedarnath temple.

It was not that i had not visited before. I had been in kedarnath on September 2005, it’s been a long
time to visit there so, I was very happy while thought had come. My friends had accepted my offer
when I told them. 


Himaliyan view in Kedarnath

My friends were about to visit Kedarnath first time, however I have visited that place before, now I was going to get opportunity again. We had deposit money for our journey that made us traveler for few days.

We had fixed our departure date, hired a taxi that our one friend was driver, and left for our destination.
During our traveling we crossed through Kausani (it’s famous hill station of kumaon region),stopped in Bajnath for a while.


It is a small town on the bank of Gomti River in Bageshwar district and famous for ancient temple. There is a Temple called Baijnath Mandir (temple) on the bank of Gomti river. It is made by Katyuri Kings during their ruling.
Bainath Town.

After having our snacks we moved ahead, around 2 pm we had had lunch in Gwaldam town (it is situated in kumaon and Garhwal border). After having lunch we were descending down towards Pindar river and  going along with bank of Pindar river towards Karnapryag where  the confluence of the river Pindar and Alkanda river, this is the river which goes further and Alaknada river and meets Bhagirathi river in Dev prayag from the confluence of that rivers called holly Ganga River.


It is a Himalayan river which is come from the glacier of Behind the mountain Badrinath temple.The streams keep adding on to the Alalaknada river . 


                       The Confluence of The Alaknanda & Pindar Rivers in Karnaprayag.

Dusk was fallen down to be reached in Rudraparyag(this is the palce where is the confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini Rivers) , took the right turn got a bridge( it is made over the Alakananda river) now were on the road to Kedarnath that was going along with Mandakaini  river.


It is originates from the Chorabari Glacier behind the Kedarnath temple. It is fed by Vasukiganga river at Sonprayag and finally Joins Alaknanda river at Rudraprayag.

Mandakini river & Vaukiganga river in Sonprayag

Around 8Pm we reached at Guptkashi and decided to stay that night. Next morning we got up early in the morning because still we had to go 33 km by road to reach Gaurikund. We reached Gaurikund afternoon, it is starting point of trek to Kedarnath.                             



It is a pilgrimage site and base camp for trek to Kedarnath temple, kedarnathis 14 km from Gauri Kund on foot. There is a Tapt kund (Pond of hot water) where lots of devotees are stopped for refreshing, take bath and moves ahead.

Tapt kund at Gaurikund

We were eager take a bath in that pond; we felt refreshing after taking bath and started trekking. We reached at Rambada and feeling a bit exhausted after trekking two hours, We completed only half way still half way to go.

We were dying from hunger, except tea we didn’t take anything since morning; so, we took tea with some biscuit.
When we’re climbing up from Rambada, Suddenly weather has changed, now sun shine turned into cloud and it started raining, hence we decided to climbing up, now we had to face not only rain !!! But also surprise which was given soon to us, after a few minute oh my God what we have seen!! As we expected from mountain, it started Snow fall and we were trekking on snowfall that moment was enjoyable with some trouble, we wetted fully and it was dangerous condition for us. We were praying to God to save us.


Snow fall has stopped after few minutes, now we could see a white sheet of snow as far as we could see the peak of Kedarnath and we were shivering with cold. After trekking four hour we reached
Kedarnath temple but soon it was time for the sun to set, so, we quickly booked two rooms at guest house.

Trek to Kedarnath

We were visiting on off season so, few devotees were visiting comparison season time.
We stayed next to temple so; we were allowed to be a part of live praying inside the temple. After praying few minutes inside the temple we have felt refreshing and we had come back to our rooms and went to bed because we felt exhausted.

Next morning weather was clear and view was awesome, we were very close to glacier and seeing it first time to closely.


It is on the bank of the Mandakini  river near to Garhwal Himalayan range. The temple is open only between the ends of April to usually November due to extreme weather condition. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva.

Kedarnath Temple.

Now we were descending down towards Gaurikund, we saw a bird, Name of this bird was The Himalyan Monal , and it is the state bird of Uttarahand and Himanchal. We took three hour to descended.

We stayed one night at Kedarnath and we moved to our next destination.

In the month of October 2012, that time Badrinath and kedarnath were safe, unfortunately in the month of June 2013 , both places has ruined due to heavy rain and landslide. Kedarnath valley had much affected then other place, lots of people had died and it was heart breaking moment for them.Now situation is under control there.


Kedarnath temple is linked from all over Uttarakhand by motor road. But most of the devotees consider that Haridwar is the entry route to Kedarnath and hence start their holy journey from there.

Distance From Haridwar...

Haridwar to Rishikesh  ………………..25Km

Haridwar to Deoprayag………………95Km

Haridwar to Rudraprayag……………170Km

Haridwar to Guptkashi……………….210Km

Haridwar to Gauri Kund…………….240Km

Gauri kund to Kedarnath…………..14km (Trek)


There are many private and government guest house there.

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