Thursday 2 February 2017


After completing successfully Rudranath trek, our next challenge was to tackle the Kalpeshwar trek. We wanted to trek to Kalpeshwar via Dumak village, it takes one day if we trek continuously, however we were exhausted having already spent two days trekking to Rudranath and had limited time on our hands.

So, we returned to Gopeshwar, stayed that night there and the next day hoped to head toward Helang by car. From Helang, we would have to trek toward Lyari village. This would be the first time on this route and we were still exhausted but we mentally prepared ourselves to continue and complete the rest of the trek.


                                                       Talla Badginda Village (Urgam Valley)

We had reached Helang by 10 am the next day early morning, parked our car there and started trekking toward Lyari village along with Assi Ganga river as planned.

We also passed Urgam valley before Lyari village.Lyari village is also actually part of the Urgam valley. We were trekking this stretch by road and the distance was around 12 km from Helang.

                                                                                             Assi Ganga River

We reached at Lyari village around 1pm. We had a further trek of 4kms to reach at Kalpeshwar temple. The trek rout is very easy from Lyari village.
We had started trekking after resting 10 minutes which was going through village. We had reached Kalpeshwar temple by 2pm and we met a saint who had told about the mystery of the temple, he had offered and prepared tea for us.  

                                                                          Water Fall Near Kalpeshwar Temple

We had talked a lot with that saint not only around the temple but also whole Urgam valley, he was very interesting saint his behavior was friendly and very interesting thing was he had very well knowledge about herbal plants which is used for medicine, he told us that he was able to do treatment for local villagers and they had come regularly to him.

After drinking black tea we had got permission to leave from there because dusk was fallen down and we had to return helang.

We had visited another temple that was Dhyan Badri temple While we were returning from Kalpeswar temple.


It is located at Talla Badgingda,(Urgam Valley)  Near Kalpeshwar Temple in Garhwal Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu. The Badrinath temple is the primary temple among the seven Sapt Badri shrines, followed by six other Badri shrine…

1. Adi Badri

2. Dhyan Badri

3. Ardha Badri

 4. Yogadhayan Badri

5. Bhavishya Badri

6. Vridha Badri

                                                                             Dhyan Badri Temple (Urgam Valley)

That moment was precious for me because Dhyan Badri was not included in our itinerary it was told to us during Kalpeshwar terk by a local villager.


Kalpeshwaris a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Shiva and located at the Urgam Valley in the Garhwal region of uttarakhand state.Kalpeshwar is the last temple of PanchKedar and it is the only temple of the sacred panchkedar which is opened entire year.

Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of “matted hair (locks)” at Kalpeshwar.

                                                                             KALPESHWAR TEMPLE


The Kalpeshawr temple is situated 15(12km by road and 3km trek) km from Helang (Near Joshimat) and Helang is located on the way to Badrinath Highway.


However the temple is open whole year so, visit any time but avoid rainy season because road is closed duo to landslide. 

If you have plan to trek Uragm valley you can trek Rudranath via Dumak village. This trek starts from Devgram village near Kalpeshawar, it takes one day to Dumak, second day to Panar bugyal and finally third day you would reach Rudranath. The entire trek is upto you to structure on long you trek per day except make sure you are near local villages to rest.