Tuesday 26 January 2016



Himalayas view from Dakuri pass.

It was Christmas Eve, everyone was celebrating the Christmas, I was also about to get a Christmas gift from my dearest friend- can you guess what it would have been?

Before I tell you about my surprise gift, I would like to tell you something; few years ago whenever I have seen thorough Himalayas, I felt that Himalayas were calling me towards them, and I grow up with this desire that one day I’ll definitely visit.

No knowing then how and when it would come true, the desire was buried deep within me, rising once in a while to remind me.
Bagnath Temple (Lord shiva) in Bageshawar.

I have become quite determined about fulfilling my desires since I read book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. A quote inside the book says “When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”
Surely enough, this Christmas, this desire of mine too seemed to fall into place. A very close friend of mine, a trekker who has lots of experience to trek the Himalayas offered a chance to join him on one of his treks, which I accepted gladly.

Mactoli peak

Departure date was fixed to be the 25 December (X-Mas day) and I prepared myself to tick another of my wishes of my list. Before leaving our journey me and friends visited a child orphanage with some fruits and chocolates for children that were distributed among them. The smile on their face brought one into our faces too and we was feeling happy to meet them.


                                                                   Under construction Road

It was an initial short journey, around 150 km that should have taken 4-5 hours. However the last 10 km of the stretch took over 3 hours due to the bad road condition. This journey would take us to the actual start of the Himalayan trek. We couldn’t reach our destination by car due to the road condition so we parked our vehicle safely and hiked the remaining distance.


Road condition during our journey.

We reached our starting point (bade) by 9pm. From this point to Dhakuri top is around 7km and it was already night. However it was a full moon night and we seemed to be inclined to complete the distance. So we rested for a bit and continued on by around 9:30 pm. 
Under the clear visibility of the full moon, we trekked around 3 hours through dense forest. The hike stated becoming a bit difficult though since it has snowed in the dense forest and walking on the snow was tough as well as slippery. Slowly and surely we did manage to reach out end point by midnight and set up camp.

Tourist guest house Dhakuri.

Early next morning, when I awoke, the view has been changed dramatically. I found my mouth open with awe as the breathtaking white mountains of the Himalayas seemed very near to me, as if I can reach out and touch it. Of course it only felt that way.

Enjoying snow at Dhakuri.

After having breakfast, we started our trek to a pass on top of the mountain called Dhakuri pass at 9000 feet above sea level. It was a bit exhausting as we had to climb up 2 steep km through snow to reach on top of the mountain. After reaching on the top we moved towards Chiltha top, 2 km further ahead from Dhakuri pass, its nice peak with a small temple made by local villagers. The route was scenic with several trees surrounding the path with the path itself covered by a white sheet of snow.

Trekking on snow.

After spending a few hours on the top, we descended down because we were scheduled to come back that day back home.

Temple of Chitha Ma.


Dhakuri Pass
It is situated on the trekking rout to Pindari Glacier, its 9000 feet above sea level.  Trekkers usually stay at least one night there and next day continue their trek.

                                                                                             View of Himalayas from Dhakuri Pass (9000 fit)
It is a very cold place and in winter season whole place cover with snow sheet with very few trekkers reach there except local villagers.                             

How to reach

It is linked by road, however the approaching road is under construction. So it is advised not to visit during rainy season or when it has snowed.

Nearest market is Bageshwar, around 60km far from Dhakuri.

Bageshwar is 90 km far from Almora.

Nearest Railways station is Kathgodam-Haldwani (around 180km from Bageshwar)

Nearest airport is Pantnagar (around 205km from Bageshwar)
You can get taxi or bus easily to get there.

Where to stay

You have to stay on KMVN Gust in Dhakuri because there are no other private accommodation. If you want to visit first check availability accommodation on KMVN website.

I would like to thank my friend who edited this article.