Thursday 14 January 2016


Himalayas view from top of the mountain.

It was month of august and rainy season has started. The view from here was green and spread as far as we could see. One day we decided to visit Pandavkholi.


Scenic view of local village during traveling.

We took the route to Dunagiri temple which is around 71 km far from Almora. It takes three hour to reach there by taxi.Dunagiri is famous for temple of Durga Devi on top of a hill were people come from all over the country to pay their respects and tie bell on fulfillment of their wish.


Scenic view during trekking towards top of the mountain.

But we were going to visit Pandavkholi so we passed ahead. We reached kukuchina, it was main place where you could take your vehicle. From Kukuchhina you have to trek to pandavkholi which is around 3 km.


trek to top of the mountain where temple is situated.

   After climbing for about two hours through dense jungle , speckles view of  great Himalayas we suddenly find a big  open space of land with green grass !!                                                           
After raining various species Wild mushrooms have grown inside the forest.

A place which is an alpine hayfield called a bugyal in local language. When we were seeing first time, I couldn’t express my feelings through words… Wow.


Cropping fields around trek.

When we reached there we were tried, care taker of ashram offered meal to us,
 I can’t say anything that time how hungry we were ,There was an Ashram which was made by a spiritual person in the memory of Mahant Balwantgiri Maharaaj.

Cave of Mahaavtar Baba ji that place gave kiriya yoga diksha to his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya.

After spending some time there we were descending down from the top because I have read that at the base of the hill there is a cave which finds it description in the famous book, “Autobiography of a Yogi” by swami Yogananda.                 

We started descending down because we were keen on watching the cave of Pandavkholi, which we found at the base of the hill of Pandavkholi.

Statue of  Balwant Giri Maharaj and his Ashram at Pandavkholi.


When we reached there it was closed by Yogda society, when we came to know that now this cave has possession of the yogda society who has closed the cave and we needed to get permission first to enter that cave. We were disappointed and in evening we returned to our destination.

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