Sunday 10 January 2016

Kausani Trip !!

Rice field during rain in someshwar.

Last year I spent lots of time to visit here to there, kausani trip was one of them. That time Dr. Ajay Kumar was residing at my  neighborhood (Now he is residing in New Tehri). One day when he was at my shop I offered him to visit Rudradhari falls near Kausani and he accepted my offer, Sunday was fixed for visit.


View of Someshwar valley.

It was month of August and rainy season has started. It was greenery season surrounding area was full filled with green grass. Whole valley has become green.

Katli village (Someshwar)

Kausani is 55 KM far from Almora. I got ready asap and called to Dr.Ajay Around 10 AM we started our journey although we were two people so we chose Motorcycle. Dr.Ajay was riding and I sat behind him and enjoying riding.

Kosi river near someshwar.

In rainy season Someshwar valley has scenic view. We stopped there for a while and saw nature’s creation of beautiful valley.The surrounding range of green hills pose mesmerizing view before one who passes through the valley.

wild plant has grown after raining
We reached at Katli village afternoon, Katli village it was last station where we could go by bike, from there we had to go on foot around 2 KM through dense forest.

Way to Rudradhari fall (Kausani)

We didn’t find any human however we saw birds and we were moving our destination trough bank of KOSI River after walking half an hour we reached at Rudradhari falls.

way to katli village (kausani)

Rudhadhari falls is a natural attraction here and many ancient caves are explored nearby areas.The falls impinging the valley flows from there as river and small springs.

Kosi river near Rudradhari fall

Shiva Temple is situated close to the water falls.

Lord Shive temple (Rudradhari fall)

We had a big wish to meet swami of Shiva temple, unfortunately that time he had been out of city, spending some time there we came back to our destination because rain has started again.

with Dr Ajay Kumar at Rudradhari fall (Kausani)

In evening we reached Almora,However we were fully wet by rain.

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