Wednesday 24 August 2016


This April, I was preparing for exploring a new destination. Luckily the opportunity presented itself with a friend, who is in the tourism sector and another who was interested too. Soon we had an idea and plan for out next trip, to Rudranath.

The route passed through Ranikhet,Dwarahat,Chaukhotia,Gairsain,Karnaprayag,Nandprayag,Chamoliand Gopeshwar.

We had reached in Gopeshwar by evening and were about to book a room with GMVN but found a newly opened hotel. The owner of the new hotel was very gentlemanly and helpful when we informed him about our trip. He was very happy and promised to help as much as he could.


                                                            SAGGAR VILLAGE (GOPESHWAR)

It was our first trip towards Rudranath, so we asked for a person who already visited that area before for help. He made a call to another person who agreed to be a guide.

9 am the next morning, a person came to our room and introduced himself as a tourist guide. The locals knew him as Bhanadari ji.

Bhandari ji informed us about a trekking point and took us via a village called Sagarvillage. It was just 6-7km from Gopeshwar. We started trekking from Sagarvillage to Rudarnath, the village is the entrance gate to Rudranath.



It was a hot day and we were trekking slowly through a dense forest.Hardly had we trekked 3km that we reached a steep peak that had us exhausted. However without losing courage, we rested a bit and continued..

There were lots of rhodies (Rhodesian) trees spread around the forest with pink flowers. I was seeing the trees for the first time and my exhaustion vanished due to the unforgettable view.


We reached the top of the peak after trekking for 5 hours, the place was called PanarBugyal, and It was already dusk. Bhandari ji had a seasonal shop there that opened only season time (May-October) however since we were here in off season we found the shop ruined due to lack of care.

We stayed that night Bhandari ji’s ruined shop where he had made very good arrangements for food, bedding etc..Early morning the next day we continued our trek towards Rudranath temple. The temple was a further 7 km away and we had done only half of that.


                                                                   Bhandari ji's shop(
Panar Bugyal)

We had breakfast before we started trekking. The road was getting narrower and dangerous as we moved ahead.After trekking further we reached Pitradhartop, found it had snowed and we couldn't go ahead with ease. We encouraged ourselves and kept trekking on. The whole peak was covered with snow as if covered with a sheet of white.

                                                                           Pitradhar Top

After trekking about 2km on snow we reached at Panchgangabugiyal.It is called Panchganga because at that place originate 5 small water streams. When we reached there though the entire place was covered in snow too and the approach to Rudranath temple, a trek of 3 km more from Panchaganga Bugiyal.


                                                                       My friend Bharat Shah Ji

We reached Rudranath around 1pm but the temple was closed as it usually is during the winter season. There was no one around except us. After spending a few hours there we returned to PanarBugyal where lunch was awaiting us. The same day later we returned to Gopeshwar.



Rudranath is the toughest of the famous PanchKedar pilgrimage treks. Actually there are six Kedars, including Pashupatinath temple of Nepal. The PanchKedars of India comprises of five Kedar temples – Kedarnath, Madhyamaheshwar, Tungnath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar.


                                                                     Rudranath temple

The five temples in India and the corresponding parts of the buffalo-Shiva are

1- Kedarnath, Shiva's behind is worshipped.

2- Madhyamaheshwar, Shiva's navel is worshipped.

3-Tungnath, Shiva's arms are worshipped.

4- Rudranath, Shiva's face is worshipped.

5- Kalpeshwar, Shiva's hair is worshipped.


                                                             Temple of five Pandava brothers

How To Reach

If you have wish to visit to Rudranath, you have to visit via Gopeshwar (It is district headquarter of Chamoli District).

Rudranath can be reached by around 22km trek from saggar village; the village is situated on the way to Chopta-Ukhimath main road and just 6km from Gopeshwar.

Visit Time

May to October