Thursday 7 January 2016

A Small Love Story !!

What is the love?
– Where does it come from?
– Why does it happen?
– What is the sign of falling in love?
Often this kind of questions come in my mind when I would be alone :) as I watched
in various movies, it happens accidentally like Actor creates Impression to Actresses
and they fall in
love each other. OK it is reel life, can you imagine?

Is it possible in real life?

Hey don’t be confused!! Today I am writing such a stupid question because I am feeling
strange after hearing love story of my one friend. It was fully filmy Masala, I was feeling
like watching Romantic Hindi movie :)  but it was not a happy ending story like other Hindi

He had a wish like other boys from childhood, one day his dream will come true, he’ll definitely meet such a girl who is made for him :) since childhood onwards he was living in dream and imagination.
while he was growing up with this dream, his dream was changed because of facing various
situations, now his dream was only seasonal, whenever he look any couple or girl, he felt depressed, and asked to God for favor and imagined that he would have a girl in future :) We can say he was living his life in fantasy. He was oblivious from his realty.

As he was growing up, his fantasy was growing up too :) He was very happy with his life style and didn’t want to change it now he was dreaming not only in night but day too :) and Just wanted to live every moment of life without any complain, now distracted from his study, he hasn’t concentrated when he sat to study, though He was getting behind in his studies every year, and scolded by his parents many times. In spite of that he was living his life continuously, he didn’t care anything what they were saying, he has just focused on enjoying life :) He has another dream, to help needy person, he always seeks opportunity to help!
He was getting such an opportunity for some time where he could help to others. Now he has started traveling and now his wish was changed :) now his wish was to help to others rather than getting love :) however his dream is not buried, it is still exist in his deep heart :)

He believes that one day he’ll defiantly meet his soul mate and everything will be fine after meeting her :) now a days he was dreaming like soon he is going to meet her girlfriend…He was feeling from his deep that still he is not able to take responsibility of her because he has fear and trying to escape from such situation :) His mind is not made for taking such a responsibility , he only wants to fly on this planet without wings :)
Let see when his dream comes true  ♥♥

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