Tuesday 5 January 2016

My Attempt With Meditation !!

Copyright of image belongs to The Ra.Sa Initiative !
Some time ago there was a phase where I had strange feelings running through me.
However I could not understand what exactly was happening except the strange feeling.
Truth is I still haven’t understood what happened to me then, even though I tried to find
different reasons or answers to the many questions I had.

Copyright of image belongs to The Ra.Sa Initiative !
Thinking it through later, after several months, has left a strange uncertainty manifesting
as different dreams in the night that are sometimes nightmarish for no reason, leaving me
afraid to get to sleep again.

Copyright of image belongs to The Ra.Sa Initiative !
But do dreams come true in real life? Maybe they do, I have heard from others, who
shared their experiences, that what they dreamed has translated into real life.

With regards to my own dreams, I would say sometimes they do seem to come true
but not always. I realized it, on one day when I was
meditating and praying to God
to guide me, and to show me the my purpose or path here on earth. I usually always
pray the same prayer before going to bed. That day, the first time I did not notice when
I slept off
. Meditation has though become routine in my life and I do it every day.
I have started to experience deep infinite love from within myself and begun enjoying
it every day. This feeling is indescribable and it feels like a kind of “wow”.

Meditation has also cleared my mind and the strange feelings have become lesser in nature.
They irritate me much less too and although I still have some effects left I think with more
time these will be rid off completely.
I would like to thank my friend who edited this article for me.


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