Monday 11 January 2016

Snow Trek Near Almora !!

snowfall in Sitlakhet.

It snowed in the month of January this year. It was very cold the entire month, with strong cold winds blowing and all of us were shivering with sudden weather change that month.!! And rain has started…. :) it has been raining here for two days continuously after that Snow fall has started here.

The way was covered in a sheet of snow.
Whole of the mountain peaks in our region were covered in a white sheet of snow. The trekking soul in me was awoken and I called to my friends to join me for trekking. They got ready quickly and we were on our way soon.


we got broken trees on the way.

We took the route to Shitalakhet. When were on the way to shitlakhet, we faced trouble to reach there because road has covered in snow, there was not much road left clean to drive safely. We parked our vehicle there, half way into our journey and decided to start trekking from there itself.

the way was covered full of snow.
 It was around 6 km far from there but the view was heart warningly beautiful!! There is dense forest but that time the entire forest was covered with snow, some trees has broken down due to heavy snow fall and we were trying to escape from that type of trees because we didn’t know when a tree has fallen down upon our head :) :)

primary school .

When we reached at Shitlakhet, we bought some packet of lays (Potato chips) and a water bottle because still we had to climb up straight and we couldn’t get even any shop. We got only snow which has speared several area of dense forest.

climbing up towards top of the mountain.
We were all playing, running in snow sheet because the whole path was covered in a sheet of snow but we were climbing up continuously without feeling even a bit exhausted. However our clothes have wetted.

local children came out side from their home to see us. 
We were playing with snow whole way, throwing to each other, pulling and rubbing with snow, you can say we enjoyed full with snow and I never ever played with snow like before.

enjoying snowfall.
While we reached on the top of the peak, the view was awesome where a temple is situated, the name of temple is Siyahi devi.

himalayan view from sitalakhet.
A lot of devotees visit to temple every year for worship, we spent few hours there. In evening we returned to our destination.
I would like to thanks  my one friend who helped me to write  this article !! 


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