Wednesday 16 March 2016



Tungnath was our last destination in Garhwal region, a trek of around 3Km to complete. We had just completed Deovriya Tal trek a couple of hours earlier and now we were starting a climb up again towards Tungnath temple. 

It is a climb up of about 3km from Chopta, quite steep in some places. If you are not able to trek such distances, horses and mules are available too.  

                                                                Trek to Tungnath Temple.

Tungnath being a temple of Shiva, there are lots of devotees you meet on the way and it was a pleasant trek in nature.   

During the climb, we scouted in some shaded areas where sunlight falls only a little. It had snowed a few days ago and the remnant of the snow were still around hardened as ice.

. It took us around 2 hours to complete the trek which ended by us visiting the temple and offer our prayers to the statue of Lord Shiva. We rested for some time, had something to eat as all of us were very hungry and then began our descent down to Chopta.


                                                              Snow during Trekking.  

We were quite happy to have completed this trek and also pretty much our journey. We had been traveling for 7 days in the Garhwalregion, traversed four districts of Uttarakhand and now we will be beginning our last part of the journey back home.

In the evening we went to Gopeshwar and stayed there to celebrate our achievement. Next morning after a quick visit to the Gopinath temple, located right in the middle of the market, we started on our return journey.


                                                         Gopinath Temple in Gopeshwar.

Tungnath Temple

It is the highest temple of lord Shiva in Rudraprayag District and it is one of the scared Panch Kedar too.  It is said this temple belongs Mahabharat however it is very old temple as temple architecture shows and some local people told us that is 1000 year old.



                                                   Tungnath Temple.

Where to stay

You have to stay at Chopta because the trek starts from there and there are lots of budget guest houses and resorts. 

How to Reach

Chopta is located on the road to Ukhimath-Gopeshwar. It is approaching way to Kedarnath via Gopeshwar from Chamoli and Tungnath is 3Km trek from Chopta.

Visit time

Best season is visiting there  is April – October. Rest of the year it is difficult to reach there due to snowfall, however while the route is open between November –December but Tungnath Temple has been closed for winter season.

Why to visit Tungnath

There are many reason to visit there most of visit there as a pilgrimage and some people would be nature lover among of them.

That place is like a haunt for nature photographers as well as trekkers. It hosts many species of birds and animals including the state bird of Uttarakhand, the Monal.   

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