Tuesday 9 August 2016


I have told you about my journey to Nepal in a previous article. I wanted to talk a bit more about my trip to a certain part of the journey – Pokhara.

I was very excited while we were moving toward Pokhara from Manakamna temple because I was about to meet my friend who was living in Pokhara who was already aware of my visit there.


As the destination was approaching slowly, my beating heart was trying to ask me something however I was ignoring the question.

We were traveling by local taxi which was stopping often, taking in local travelers we were trying to talk with them unfortunately the few people who were talking to us did not know how to speak Hindi language.

We reached in Pokhra by dusk. I called to my friend as soon as we reached. She was waiting my call because she had already made arrangements for our accommodation and came to meet us.             


Pokhara is a most popular tourist place in Nepal. There are lots of travelers visit in Pokhara every year, and situated on the bank of Fewa lake. It is located 200 km west of the capital Kathmandu.

She took us in a hotel where we stayed that night. The next morning we were to visit around the locality and our hotel manager had already booked a cab for us.


                                                                                        Pokhara city

That night I slept comfortably because I was feeling relaxed to be there though there were many thoughts were coming in my mind and I was trying to escape from any anxiety based nightmare.
. Next morning while we awoke to find it was raining, so we didn’t have any option except staying in the room. The rains stopped in a couple of hours though and we decided to go outside for visiting. Our cab was already outside and had waited through the rains. I also had been praying for the rains to stop so that we do not lose the day and it seemed like eventually the Gods listened to me.


We had started our tour from the Vindhyavasini temple and visited every last corner of the city – almost all possible tourist places we could in the few hours we had.


Vindhyavasini is name of a benevolent aspect of Devi Amba or Durga,This temple is located in the middle of pokhara city and approaching easily there.it was raining while we had visited inside the temple
and temple was less devotees. We had done darshan easily.


                                                                             Vindhiyavasini Temple


This is the famous waterfall of Pokhara called Devi's Fall.Water coming from Fewalake vanishes into the earth at the Devi's Fall. We had been there during rainy season and water flow was very high label it was scary to be there.  it has been very nice place.



Shanti Stupa is a Buddhist pagoda-style monument on a hilltop in Ananda hill of the former Pumdi Bhumdi Village Development Committee, in the district of Kaski, Nepal (now a part of the city of Pokhara).

                                                                                             Shanti Stupa

I noticed that stupa first time, when we were passing through fewa lake and I have developed a wish to visit, and inquired more to my local friend, she was ready to take us Shanti stupa.

I felt very peace after reaching Shanti stupa, it was looking very beautiful after spending some hours at stupa we descended toward pokhara city.


Next morning we got up early because we were about to Sarangkot for seeing sunrise that place famous for seeing sunrise and Himaliyan range.

We reached on the top after driving 45 minute and waiting for sunrise. When it became sunrise I was very excited because It was very close to us and I was getting experience first time.


  The sun had started its ascent slowly and it was becoming brighter, so we returned to the city and I were thinking  that lot of place to explore still,it had left for my next visit. 
We returned home the same day with unforgettable memories.


Kathmandu city is capital of Nepal .There is only one international airport and connected by air across the world, it takes around 5-6hours to reach Pokhara city by road from Kathmandu city.


There are lots of budget hotels and guest houses.


Throughout the year


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